Andrew Fletcher

Position: Industrial Development Engineer
Site: Newark, UK

I’m often assigned new and challenging tasks. This is what I like best about my job.

“I left school at 16 and started a technical apprenticeship at NSK. There were a number of reasons why I opted for NSK. One of the main ones was that I was especially keen to learn a practical trade, something that involved working with technology. I knew that NSK was a major engineering company. Its size meant that there were sure to be a lot of opportunities for interesting and diversified assignments.

I didn’t really know all that much about engineering, however, I knew that it had something to do with tools, machines and computers. Of course, that quickly changed during my four-year training as a mechanical engineer. I enjoyed the training so much that I followed it up with a degree at Sheffield Hallam University. NSK has stood by me for the entire eight years that I have been with the company. Not only by paying for my training and tuition fees, but also during my daily work. I know that I can always rely on the support of my superiors and colleagues.

My job involves testing bearings and I am also involved in the 3-D design of new types of bearings and housings. In addition to this, I am responsible for the support and maintenance of the CAD system in the UK and help to implement CAD software upgrades at NSK sites all around Europe. By assisting the sales team’s work, I help ensure that customers can always rely on optimum service.

One thing I particularly like about NSK is that the work is never a mere routine and that you have great opportunities to develop your potential. People here enjoy sharing knowledge. I know I can always ask a colleague if I need to know something – that is genuine teamwork and means that we work together to produce that high quality NSK is known for."

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