Kateryna Bayda

Position: Demand Planning Manager
Site: Ratingen

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’

After graduating in economics from the University of Bonn and completing an internship at Deutsche Telekom, I came to NSK, where I’ve been for over six years now. A friend had brought a job vacancy in the Supply Chain department to my attention. I applied straightaway! I was curious about a company that manufactures huge bearings for wind turbines on the one hand and tiny ones for electric toothbrushes on the other. The work environment interested me as well: a Japanese company in Germany, with European headquarters in the UK.

At NSK, I generate various prognoses for the entire business unit. Our team additionally works to advance digitalisation in the company. My boss advised me to take this position of responsibility, and I received good preparation and support in the form of external training and internal coaching.

My job is never boring. Every day, I work with colleagues from other NSK locations –from South Africa, Russia or Japan, just to name a few examples. In the truest sense, this is an experience of ‘boundless’ teamwork that is virtual, yet so close. It’s a great feeling to jointly take on challenges and then see the positive results of the collaboration.

What do I value about NSK as an employer? That the company respects me and my life outside of work. And that I can rely on my colleagues and always find someone who can help me and offer advice.

My near-term goals are clear: to take on challenges and grow from them – both as an employee and as a person.


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