Vadim Morogov

Position: Business Development Manager Russia & CIS
Site: St. Petersburg, Russia

How many years have you been with NSK?
I moved to NSK in July 2008. I started as Sales Manager for North-West Territory of Russia, and since February 2009 I am Area Sales Manager for Russia. 

What is your background?
I am a mechanical engineer with 15 years experience in sales of industrial equipment. 

What is your role at NSK?
I take care of all NSK operations in Russia, and am responsible for NSK dealers performance.

How did you achieve this position?
My experience in investment product sales within Russia and neighbouring countries perfectly matched to NSK plans to develop new markets.

Why did you choose NSK?
I saw a very challenging opportunity in a top quality global manufacturer. I was happy to join.

How did you first hear about NSK?
Repairing an old water pump in my garden. NSK products are closer than many people think. It could be in your car, vacuum cleaner or washing machine. 

What do you enjoy the most in your job?
I enjoy exactly what I am doing, developing new business opportunities, meeting new people, delivering new technical solutions to the customers. 

What is your advice to new employees?
Let your job be one of your interests. Ask questions. Talk to people. You will always learn a lot of interesting things.

What does NSK offer you?
The opportunity to work in various industry sectors and meet people from different parts of the globe, excellent possibilities to develop your  management skills, independence in decisions and much more.

What is the most important aspect of your job?
Most important in my job is to deliver high quality product to the customer, no matter what it is - training, marketing support, technical report, business solution or bearings.

How do you find people at NSK?
Very friendly and always ready to help. Many of them have worked for NSK since they graduated. People at NSK are very committed to the company and to the brand. That makes teamwork easy.
Can you explain the NSK Values “Speed, Service, Passion and Teamwork”? 
In terms of every day operations these values are closely related. Good service should be quick, passion is a driving force and teamwork helps to increase performance and have fun.

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