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Rodamientos - 2010-11-10

Low-Particle-Emission, Low-Torque Ball Bearings

New Low-Particle-Emission, Low-Torque Ball Bearings for Clean Environments

Contributing to Higher Productivity by Ensuring Stable Quality in High-Performance Film Production


NSK has developed new “Low-Particle-Emission, Low-Torque Ball Bearings for Clean Environments” that meet the twofold aims of emitting fewer particles and using lower torque in the conveyor systems employed in high-performance film production. NSK developed this product mainly for the clean environments of high performance film manufacturers that require low-particle-emission performance and low torque.

These new bearings are employed in the conveyor systems for producing the high-performance film used in LCD television and solar cell applications. Producing high-quality film requires that bearings be designed both to minimize emission of grease particles caused by bearing rotation, while utilizing minimal force for rotation in order to prevent wrinkling and tearing of the film.

The DFO bearings*1 NSK brought to market in 2005 have achieved high marks of their own for low-particle-emission characteristics. The newly developed bearings are designed with a thin film grease lubrication technology well suited to applications requiring even lower torque and better particle-emission performance. The combination of the thin film grease lubrication technology and the special, low-friction plastic cage reduces the particle emission to 1/100 and friction loss to 60% that of existing products. These new bearings help to improve productivity by ensuring stable quality in high-performance film production.

*1 DFO Bearings: Low-particle-emission bearings designed for thin film oil lubrication.

Product features:

1. Low Particle Emission
The newly developed, thin-film lubrication technology based on the use of Clean Grease*2 has enabled further reduction in particle emission to 1/100 that of the already low-particle-emission DFO bearings. This improvement serves to prevent foreign matter adhering to the film’s surface, thereby increasing the yield of high-performance film production.
*2 Clean Grease: A type of grease featuring low particle emission, designed for use in clean rooms.

2. Low Torque
The combination of the thin-film grease lubrication technology, which reduces the mechanical agitation resistance factor, with the newly developed special, low-friction plastic bearing cage reduces friction loss to 60% that of the DFO bearings. This results in increased high-performance film productivity and lower energy consumption.

3. Contributing to the Environment
The improvements in low-particle-emission and low-torque performance increase high-performance film production yields while reducing the volumes of materials used and energy consumed during the manufacturing process.

NSK will continue to meet the diverse needs of industry by developing high-performance products designed for use in highly specialized vacuum, corrosive and high-temperature operating environments as it expands the SPACEA Series product line.

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