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Rodamientos - 2013-07-15

NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Research and design innovation continue apace at NSK, where nearly 100 million Euros are invested each year in developing new technologies, lubricants, materials and surface engineering

For the most common form of rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings, this has meant improved reliability even in extreme environments due to new seal technology, improved lubrication and greater operational efficiency.

All of these improvements have been influenced by hands-on experience with customers, providing a greater understanding of their specific requirements. 
NSK is currently the world's leading deep groove ball bearing manufacturer with more than 150,000 types available for use in a huge variety of applications.  Starting with the raw materials, NSK has worked closely with steel manufacturers to produce Z-Steel, which has such low levels of impurities that the bearing life can be increased by up to 80% over a bearing made of ordinary steel.

A second field where NSK leads the world is seal technology - an area which can have a huge impact on the durability of a bearing.  A new patented labyrinth design ensures the best levels of protection while minimising power loss.  With several seal and shield combinations available, the right solution can be found for every application, even those involving high temperatures or corrosive atmospheres.

Meanwhile, the area of advanced lubrication technology continues to be developed.  With a range of high performance, environmentally-friendly lubricants, NSK has produced a solution for a variety of applications, including clean room greases and low torque lubricants to minimise power losses as well as its NSA lubricant, which was specifically developed for use in air conditioner bearings to avoid vibration damage.

From miniature bearings with a bore diameter of less than 10mm right up to a bearing with an outer diameter of 2500mm, NSK has a bearing for just about every conceivable application.  In addition, there is a vast range of technical information provided by NSK to help designers and maintenance engineers better understand the complex world of bearing design.  By providing various tools and training information, the aim is to ensure that potential customers are better informed about the variety of solutions available to them.

Each time a client arrives with a new challenge, NSK engineers set out to develop a solution, which is then tested repeatedly to ensure that it not only resolves the client's issues but also delivers the reliability and efficiency demanded of any NSK product. 

Further information about these and other developments in bearing technology can be found at the NSK website: www.nskeurope.com

PDF Catalogue: Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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