Bertie Amiot

Position: Warehouse Manager 
Site: EDC Tilburg, NSK Netherlands

I love the challenge of impressing our customers with excellent performance and quality.

“I started at NSK as a warehouse team leader on August 1st, 2001 – that was the year that NSK opened a new distribution centre in Tilburg, Netherlands. I felt that the chance to contribute to establishing an entirely new distribution centre and business division was an exciting challenge. NSK offered me a very interesting job with a wide range of opportunities to expand my specialist knowledge and take part in additional training courses.

I’ve held my position as warehouse manager since 2004; I handle shipping and distribution for NSK’s industrial and automotive units. Three things in particular helped me earn this position: my work experience, my additional training in warehouse management and, last but not least, my motivation and commitment. I love the challenge of impressing our customers with excellent performance and quality – or even better, to get them excited about our company!

I definitely want to keep growing and learning, and NSK provides me with all the support I need in that respect, as well as the opportunity to take on fascinating, internationally oriented challenges. I’m also part of a fantastic team – not just in Tilburg, but at NSK as a whole – which is enormously motivating. I find the employees at NSK to be highly professional, understanding and always ready to help.”

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